• Arun Raj

Destination Branding to love a place!

Branding has become an inevitable part of all business in the 21st century. But the branding process was started more than 4,000 years ago in the Indus Valley. The ancient civilisation started branding process to brand livestocks. Branding has evolved over the centuries, from farmers claiming their property, to artisans claiming credit for their work, to factories claiming their products, to companies claiming their products were better than others.

The way we brand, why we brand and what we brand have been changed in this century. We brand for building trust, love and belief to a product, service, a place and more. Now we do branding to make an emotional connection with our consumers, to share our values and giving the experience of our services.

During the end of 20the century we started to practice the destination branding process.

Destination branding is a process related to destination marketing, where a place or a building is branded in such a way that it attracts more visitors to the place. The purpose of destination branding is to make the place memorable so that letting people to come and visit. Destination branding impact a lot on the economy of a place. The increased number of visitors/ travellers enables the merchants nearby to enhance their business.

In 1977, New York City was a city on the brink. They faced huge financial insolvency and employment challenges. Crime ran wild. Unions across the city ran a campaign called “Welcome to Fear City” that scared off tourists and told all that they should “stay away from New York City if you possibly can.” The New York Department of Commerce decided to bet on branding. By 1978, New York City possessed what was to become one of the World’s most renowned brand’s. The brand was credited with more than tripling the state’s visitor spending revenue. All in all, the “I ❤️ NY” campaign turned New York City’s crisis into a success. Which is an typical example of how destination branding can impact a city.


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