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Stackholder interveiw for Brand Designing

Brand Identity designing requires business model acumen and design thinking capabilities. It is the creative as well as the strategic process which needs an extraordinary mindset with needs a spark of genius. Brand design is a systematic process which has five phases (please check our recent blog)Among the five phases first one is conducting research phase, which helps to clarify vision, strategies, goals, and values, stakeholders’ needs and perceptions.

This process demands the intellectual capability to understand the business model to make sure that the brand solution is linked to the business goals and the strategies.

Understanding comes from various sources, mainly by reading the strategic documents, by conducting a stakeholder interview, consumer interviews, sales pitches, marketing strategies, products offerings, websites, social media channels etc. Getting answers to the right questions from key management is the preferred way to kick start the brand designing the process because of its importance to understanding the vision, mission, goals, company culture, strength, weakness, opportunities and future challenges the company may face.  

The basic pieces of information to be collected are,

- Mission

- Vision 

- Values statement 

- Value proposition 

- Business plans 

- Marketing plan

- Annual reports 

- Cultural assessments 

- Employee surveys

- CEO speeches 

- News clippings 

- Website

- Social media pages.

Interviewing key management is done face-to-face to build good relations to understand better. Recording the interview and eye-contact is very much important. If its necessary interview over the telephone call can be done. 

The main 10 interview questions could be. 

1. What business are you in and why you do this business? 

2. What are your mission and vision?

3. If you could set three main goals what would it be?

4. What are products or services and why should customers choose your product or service? 5. Who is your target market?

6. Who is your competitor? 

7. How do you market your product and services? 

8. Where will you be in five years? In ten years? How do you measure success? 

9. What values and beliefs unify your employees and drive their performance?

10. If you could communicate a single message about your company, what would it be? 

Reference: "Designing Brand Identity an essential guide for the whole branding team - Alina Wheeler"


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